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Fashion Slides J Suede Sneaker Black Alara Women's RtPvFTP


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Benefits For Publishers

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Print, PDF, & Email by PrintFriendly.com

  • Alara Slides J Sneaker Women's Fashion Suede Black Professional: highly polished, stable, and supported.
  • Stylish lightbox (no annoying new tabs or window).
  • Ultimate, Print, PDF, Email experience for your users.
  • Works on HTTP, HTTPS, and password protected sites.
  • Help people save money and the environment.
  • Full featured and free (ad supported) or Pro Service.

Benefits for End-Users

  • Save paper and ink when you print
  • Change the text and image size
  • Edit the page by clicking to remove text or images before print or PDF. (Optional feature publishers can choose.)
  • PDF with clickable links
  • Custom paper sizes (A4 or Letter) for PDF


  • Print, PDF, Email, options can be on or off.
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  • Custom headers and footers for the print and PDF.
  • Button styles to choose, or use your own text and image/button.
  • Include a copyright on print and PDF.
  • Women's Black Fashion Sneaker Alara J Slides Suede Use your own CSS for complete creative control or the print or PDF page.
  • Use the JavaScript or non-JavaScript option.


This highly polished, professional plugin is free to use and fully functional. We maintain, improve, and offer support to all users.
You get all this for free, and in return tasteful ads are displayed in a non-interfering way.
Suede Sneaker Alara J Fashion Black Women's Slides
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How to Enable and Configure the Plugin

1) login to Administrator Panel
2) choose Extensions/Plugins in menu
2) enter "printfriendly" in search field and press Enter
3) click on "Print, PDF, Email by PrintFriendly" name link
4) change status from "Disabled" to "Enabled" at the right side of the page
5) configure the plugin by choosing Button style and Position


PDFs are generated on our server; this plugin “phones home”. Also if the end-user shares the page via email, the email is sent by our server.

Our Fundamental Principles:

We do not sell data. Period.
We do not share data, unless compelled by the law.
Black Women's Suede J Sneaker Alara Fashion Slides
We do not ask for personal information, unless it’s needed to provide a service.
We don’t store personal information, unless required for the on-going operation of service.
Specifically, here’s what we do with the data and information:

Page content is not sent or stored on server, except to generate the PDF. After the PDF is generated, we temporarily store the PDF to allow the end-user time to download. After this time has expired, the PDF is permanently deleted.

If you’re using the non-JavaScript option in the plugin, then the preview is generated on our server and temporarily stored in cache for a few minutes. After that time it is permanently deleted.

Email Address & Content get permanently deleted In order to send the email, we need to store the email address and message on our server. After the email has been sent and found not to be a spammer, the email address is permanently deleted.

Server log files get created and deleted. Browsers and Servers pass non-personally-identifying information, such as the browser type, language, referrer, and the date/time. We may use this data to analyze how the service is being used. Non-personally-identifying aggregate data may get published, e.g., by a report on trends in the usage of the service.

Print, PDF, Email by PrintFriendly

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GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System

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